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An Independence Day question for Alan Moore fans

July 4, 2010

I’m truly curious and have no biases about this: How have Alan Moore’s writings made you a better person?

Ok, I have one bias: If you’re a guy, have his writings made you more or less likely to go on a date with another guy, or was there no effect?

Comments are open!

(The backstory.)



Ars gets me all (sexually) excited about Ghostbusters

June 16, 2009

What would you think if you read this headline?:

That’s right, you would think, “Awesome, they’re doing an MST3K-style group review of Ghostbusters, the classic 1984 movie starring Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd.”

Sadly, you would be wrong.

They’re in fact reviewing a new video game.


Here’s the trailer.

Obviously, I don’t follow video games. Interestingly, though, for some months I have been meaning to broach a topic that may be of interest to anyone who has read this far: the sexual politics of Ghostbusters.

Consider the facts.

  • The movie follows three screw-up science nerds (plus Winston) who go around fighting off death (a metaphor for the ’80s?) and making awkward moves on Sigourney Weaver.
  • The big no-no is “crossing the streams” of hot plasma issuing from the mechanical bishops (or “proton packs”) they lug around.
  • Which they use to conquer death, by the way.
  • That is, until death takes the form of a comforting figure from childhood.
  • Which is right after it took the form of an Eastern European model in a tight pink figure-skating leotard (who looks like she could snort rails of coke the size of highway lane markings).


  • And along the way, Bill Murray publicly emasculates a strident environmentalist.

I’m no expert in cultural criticism. I’m just noticing things. You tell me if they add up to anything you find meaningful.