Has George Lakoff been reading Marx?

August 16, 2010

Perhaps my favorite paragraph yet from Lakoff’s Whose Freedom?:

Part of the economic liberty myth is that employers “give jobs” to employees. The flip side of that is a deep truth: Working people provide profits to those who pay their wages, and it is the work by workers, even low-skilled workers, that provides profits to employers. In America over the past thirty years, wages have not risen much for the middle class, while efficiency and the corresponding profits and executive salaries have risen enormously. In short, the profits from productivity increases are not going to the workers who are being more productive. Instead they are going to owners and investors who are not doing the more productive work. That is unfair and un-American. Middle-class working people have been providing more and more profits to owners and investors without making higher and higher wages. An economy that works this way is immoral.

Atlas shrugged, indeed.


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