Can you spot the flaw in this GRE prep question?

August 2, 2010

Of the 120 people in a room, 3/5 are women. If 2/3 of the people are married, what is the maximum number of women in the room who could be unmarried?

Five points for a correct answer. 20 points gets you a free blog post.

Update: Lol it turns out I’m the dumbass, not the prep book authors. Five points to Ivan Kirigin.


4 Responses to “Can you spot the flaw in this GRE prep question?”

  1. Ivan Kirigin Says:

    The flaw is that it is unclear whether those married are married to people in the room. Assume all the men are married to eachother, accounting for 2/5 of the people. Then (2/3 – 2/5) of the women are married to people outside the room, leaving 120 * (3/5 – (2/3 – 2/5))

    >>> 120 * (3/5.0 – (2/3.0 – 2/5.0))

    The data also shows there is an unmarried female aphid in the room.

  2. It seems to me that all 72 women could be unmarried. There is nothing in the question about the relationship of the men in the room and the women in the room, so all of the 1/3 married people in the room could potentially be men, and none of the women would be married.

  3. Oops, sorry I got that one in late.

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