North Korea finally cooperating

July 5, 2009

Pyongyang wants to help us test our missile defense system, says the L.A. Times. Their Jedi training is almost complete!

Though military officials said a clash between missiles of opposing nations was unlikely, preparations for possible action are at the most advanced stage yet. That is in part because of fears that a North Korean test as early as this weekend could involve a missile directed toward Hawaii.

Pff, “unlikely.” Let’s blow shit up!

Citing a potential threat to Hawaii, the U.S. last month deployed a gigantic sea-based radar system that officials say can guide underground interceptor missiles in Alaska and California toward long-range missiles in flight. The military also has intermediate-range land-based missiles, as well as specially equipped ships from which interceptors could be launched.

Wow, this is like reading Tom Clancy.

The system is known as sea-based X-band radar, a reference to the electromagnetic frequency at which it operates.

Now this is some Death Star looking shit right here:

Developed at a cost of about $900 million, the system looks like a giant white ball mounted atop a modified oil-drilling platform that can be moved around. The X-band system is based in Alaska and has made previous trips to Hawaii.

Ok, already, I want to blow shit up!

Still, many experts and critics of the missile defense system think the confidence is misplaced. “It is completely unwarranted, and it is a wild speculation based on assumptions that are almost certainly untrue,” said Theodore Postol, an MIT professor who has studied the system.

Wait, what?

Despite Pentagon claims of technological advances, for example, Postol argued that the U.S. interceptors would have a difficult time telling a missile warhead from “countermeasures” — decoys or other debris meant to fool the interceptors.


Critics also consider the North Korean threat overstated, especially given the long-standing inaccuracy of Pyongyang’s missiles and the fact that they are not equipped during test launches with any kind of warhead, nuclear or nonnuclear.

Whatever, L.A. Times writer person. The first part of your article was way cooler.

“Why would you want to shoot at it? It is not armed with a nuclear weapon, and it is going to land in the ocean,” Postol said. “What we are talking about is shooting at a missile that is not a threat with a missile that can’t intercept it.”

Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Blow. Shit. UP!!


2 Responses to “North Korea finally cooperating”

  1. Roya Says:

    nice to see you’re playing devil’s advocate, Mr. “Fistful of Science.” 🙂

  2. JR Minkel Says:

    Roya, let’s not confuse people. I’m in this thing to see shit get blowed up.

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