Psst, hey you guys.

June 25, 2009



There’s a new way… to possibly study THE HIGGS BOSON OMFG!!!!

In 2007, CDF researchers observed hints of exclusive, virtual gluon reactions in the form of high-energy photons radiating from colliding protons and antiprotons. Now the team has sifted through nearly 500 muon-antimuon pairs, identifying 65 that must have come from the decay of the Χc–very close to the rate predicted in 2005 by a team at Durham University in England [1]. Because the Χc has similar particle properties to the much heavier Higgs boson, the same basic reaction should produce the Higgs at the higher collision energies provided by the LHC, says Albrow. “It’s the strongest evidence that the Higgs boson must be produced this way, if it does exist.”

Physical Review Focus | A Higgs Boson without the Mess


2 Responses to “Psst, hey you guys.”

  1. Roya Says:

    Hi, JR, how does Fermilab’s processes “produce matter.” Do you mean matter that never existed before, or the remaining particles from collision? I got really excited when I thought it might be the former. Maybe your book, which I ordered on Amazon, describes this in more depth, but I thought I’d ask you in case it’s an easy explanation. Best, Roya xo

  2. JR Minkel Says:

    Roya, the section of my book about particle physics should give you a feel for what’s going on here. Uh, I hope. Basically, if you concentrate enough energy, unstable particles of matter can pop into existence (it’s an E=mc2 thing) and then reassemble or otherwise convert themselves into lower-energy (and therefore more stable) particles such as electrons and muons, which detectors detect. The same basic process formed all the matter we see and are made of, during the aftermath of the Big Bang. Does that clarify?

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