Girls and boys equally good at math

June 3, 2009

From 80beats:

The researchers […] found that in countries with the greatest gender equality, as many girls as boys scored above the 99th percentile–and in a few countries, there were more girls in that elite rank than boys. The “scarcity of top-scoring females in many, but not all countries .. . must be largely due to changeable sociocultural factors,” the scientists write, “not immutable, innate biological differences between the sexes.” If the differences were innate, they should show up in every culture [Newsweek]. 

Damn, I’m gonna have to read more Newsweek.

If schools really care about test results, they should have kids read a series of stereotype-defusing affirmations before taking standardized tests.


3 Responses to “Girls and boys equally good at math”

  1. james Says:

    scientist discover assholes

    after an international 3 year study researchers have confirmed that, at least most humans in normal health have an anus. Though there is a certain margin of error in any study of this magnitude, they report that they feel “confident this will end the age old debate”

  2. JR Minkel Says:

    Ya, when your “scientific” evidence that men might be better than women at math is the preponderance of male mathematicians in a society that’s historically male-dominated and disrespectful of women’s intelligence, scientists might be better off not dignifying the claim with a response.

    At least studies like this can help identify where equality of education still needs improvement.

  3. gdfalk Says:

    Unfortunately, the study Newsweek was quoting is deeply flawed. See here:

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