Pepsi or Oprah — who’s more indulgent of bullshit?

May 22, 2009


Compare this 27-page Pepsi branding document, which comes to us via Gawker (courtesy of John Pavlus), to “It Is Not Too Late,” a recent installment of Marianne Williamson’s Oprah-sponsored podcast, Miracle Thought (courtesy of Aaron Fagan). Disclosure: I really, really enjoyed Da Vinci Code the movie.


7 Responses to “Pepsi or Oprah — who’s more indulgent of bullshit?”

  1. JCL Says:

    why are you so hard on Oprah?

  2. JR Minkel Says:

    Because I expect better from her.

  3. wendy, yer sis. Says:

    The Pepsi thing is pure bull, who comes up with this babbling nonsense? So I vote for Pepsi. As for the Oprah thing, I think you threw out the baby with the bathwater. There are some nuggets of helpfulness in there among the preachy chit. Dealing with mistakes and moving forward in a healthy manner brings better things to you than dwelling on the past and things you can’t change. You do affect your future when you dwell on the past, in fact you have no “future” because you’re too busy living in the past. Dad was a prime example of this.

  4. JR Minkel Says:

    The absurdity of that podcast lies not in the advice per se but in the ridiculous quantum Jesus babble that couches it. The fact that Marianne Williamson or the people who listen to her need their (perfectly reasonable) advice to be cast in terms of weird, mystical nonsense is just unnerving. The addition of Jenny McCarthy to Oprah’s stable is further evidence Big O doesn’t care about sorting signal from noise.

    Ya know?

  5. wendy, yer sis. Says:

    Big O is popular because she appeals to the populace. Otherwise she would be intelligent (and respected) because she appeals to the intelligentsia. She pitches to the lowest common denominator. Two things, why, exactly do you expect better from her, and #2 why do you know so much about her show?

  6. JR Minkel Says:

    Related to both questions, see my new post on Oprah’s abuse of cultural power.

  7. […] Pepsi or Oprah — who’s more indulgent of bullshit? […]

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