Breaking Bad season 2 payoff

May 22, 2009

Episode 8 of season 2, entitled “Better Call Saul,” introduces Bob Odenkirk (of Mr. Show fame) as Saul Goodman, an aspiring Maury Levy type who helps our boys Walt and Jessie out of a legal jam.

I was a little worried when the episode started like this:

But the character stayed true to the show. He also added some sorely needed complexification to the plot. Here’s a review. Here’s my previous post on Breaking Bad.


2 Responses to “Breaking Bad season 2 payoff”

  1. John Says:

    I’m pretty sure that I’m responsible for you watching this show, so I’m glad you have been pleased with it. 2 episodes left in the season, and I’m looking forward to the payoff of the pool/stuffed animal/body bag setup.

  2. JR Minkel Says:

    Yes, thanks for recommending it. Season 2 was slow to build but does seem to be heading toward a nice payoff. I had almost forgotten about the pool stuff. I was used to the flash forwards from season 1, which were always resolved by the end of the episode..

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