Chimps do the sugar daddy thing, too

April 13, 2009

Oh crap, Ars Technica reminds me I meant to post a witty follow up to the sugar daddy post. Tada — chimps do it too! From PLoS One:

Here we show that female wild chimpanzees copulate more frequently with those males who, over a period of 22 months, share meat with them. We excluded other alternative hypotheses to exchanging meat for sex, by statistically controlling for rank of the male, age, rank and gregariousness of the female, association patterns of each male-female dyad and meat begging frequency of each female. 

John Timmer of Ars says “It’s either an example of long-term commitment or prostitution, depending on how you want to spin it.” He also chuckles at “meat begging frequency.” Oh, those scientists.


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