I love black church culture

April 5, 2009

Specifically, the representation of black church culture in which one finds people dancing like this:

“By the power of Ra” makes me chuckle. Thanks to Miguel for that one. I’m also partial to the James Brown scene in Blues Brothers:

I took a private pilates lesson in which the instructor had me get on these funny machines and she would say things like, “Ok, if you wanted to keep your heel pressed into that pad while doing this motion, what would you have to do?” And by focusing on my heel my hamstring would suddenly sync up with my core muscles and engage.

I take that to be an instance of legitimate biofeedback, or what I like to call, “using the Force.”

In the same spirit, I think if you are advising someone how to be happy, then you should try telling them to dance like somebody in one of these videos. Yet another benefit of core muscle activation.


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