admiring the POV of the new NOAA chief

March 21, 2009

A certified nerd…

Jane Lubchenco, the newly confirmed head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, decided to dedicate her life to the sea 40 years ago when she became fascinated with a tiny species of mud-burrowing clam.

goes to Washington…

Lubchenco said she thinks it is the job of scientists to inform policymakers about how the world’s natural systems are changing and the consequences of various possible courses of action, without being overly prescriptive. It’s a message she has championed as the founder of three groups that aim to communicate science to the public. One of them, the Leopold Leadership Program, teaches environmental scientists how they can best influence public policymaking.

“Good government depends on good science, but the role of science is to inform, not to dictate policy decisions,” she said. “These decisions will take into account economics, politics and social values, and that’s the way it is.”

Washington Post | NOAA Set for Larger Policy Role Under First Female Chief


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